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How to Host A Clinic

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Clinic Host Information

How hosting a clinic works:

  1. Tim will give the clinic host a flat fee for the clinic.
  2. Tim will require a deposit to secure a date. That deposit will apply towards the clinic fee but is nonrefundable if the clinic is cancelled by the clinic host.
  3. Tim will promote the clinic on his social media
Together Tim and the clinic host will: 
  1. Discuss and decide on the clinic topic and number of participants.
  2. Tim will consult with the clinic host about any questions the clinic host might have.
It is the clinic host’s responsibility to:
  1. Set the participant fee amounts, take entries and collect the fees.
  2. Contact local clubs, individuals and contacts to promote and fill the clinic.
  3. Arrange and pay for meals, snack, and drinks, if provided.
  4. Arrange and pay for travel fees to and from the clinic and hotel at the clinic for Tim.
  5. Answer any questions from the clinic participants.
  6. At the end of the clinic the clinic host will pay Tim the balance of the clinic fee discussed. Any profit generated by the clinic belongs to the clinic host. That is to compensate the clinic host for their work organizing the clinic.
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