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Tim Has 30+ Years Training Professionally.

In my over 30 years of dedication to equine excellence, I have trained multiple horses to achieve world top 10 standing in various western events. These accomplishments are a testament to my complete training program, guiding horses from young newcomers through their training journey, where each individual horse can achieve their maximum potential. 

Beyond the show ring, my expertise has expanded into the realm of law enforcement, where I’ve served as a mounted police certified instructor for over 20 years. Holding several prestigious instructor certifications, I blend discipline-specific techniques with broad-based training philosophies, ensuring that every horse I work with benefits from a wealth of experience and an approach to training that best suits each individual horse. 

Today, I apply the deep insights gained from training world-level competitors to help every horse—whether a seasoned champion or a promising newcomer—achieve their individual potential. My training slots are highly sought after and often booked well in advance. As such, those interested in partnering with a trainer who is dedicated to unlocking the unique potential of each horse are encouraged to reserve their training slots early to ensure their place in my program.

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